Beluga Almas

The Beluga Almas caviar is the most prized edible jewel in the world, its name synonymous with luxury and opulence.
Nearly impossible to find, it is of Iranian origin from the Caspian sea region.
Its signature is a rare and unique bright white color because of the lack of melanin, a genetic characteristic of very few members of the Huso Huso species. This is where its name, Almas, derives from, which in Persian means diamond.
It’s worth is equivalent to a precious gem.
Beluga Almas has a distinct personality: rare, extraordinary, sophisticated. To taste it is pure delight, a sensorial experience without comparison, a luxury historically reserved for the Shah of Persia.
It has a silky and soft membrane, creamy consistency and a suave flavor that is rich, complex, and meant for those who seek the authentic taste of Iranian caviar. A symphony for the palate. Meant to be eaten cold. 


Species: Huso huso

Color: Very light gray, almost white

Taste: Complex and penetrating

Shelf life: 3 months




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