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Caviar Import has distinguished itself in the importation and distribution of the most exclusive and high-quality caviar since the late 80s. Today, thanks to almost 40 years of experience and to our four sturgeon farms in Italy, we produce our own100% Italian caviar. We also continue to select the best varieties of sturgeon eggs available on the international market.

We operate in Italy, where our caviar has been chosen by top Michelin-starred chefs and the rest of the world, arriving on gourmet tables in Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and the United States.


Cru Caviar

Founded in 2018, our brand Cru was born out of History, Experience, and Passion. We believe in the importance of each product’s origin, of the region in which we work and the microclimate where our sturgeon live. We believe in the artisanal production of 100% Italian caviar, coming directly from our farms and then passed into the expert hands of our Caviar Master. Each Cru product is unique and matchless, the synthesis of decades of passion, centuries of history and a meticulously developed production system.

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Our 4 Italian sturgeon farms represent the Bettinazzi family’s over 50 years of experience, owners of Agricola Naviglio, acqua farmers for three generations and leaders in the aquaculture industry with which we are directly connected. Over 20 acres developed with great respect for the ecosystem, with fresh and uncontaminated waters, in which each sturgeon is expertly raised, from the eggs, to the fry, to the mature specimen.


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