The secret of Caviar - Agrodolce

Dec 06 , 2021

Agrodolce takes its readers on a journey to discover the entire caviar supply chain, from breeding to tasting.

"In the collective imagination, caviar is one of the symbols of luxury at the table. Precisely due to the exceptional nature of the occasions in which it is consumed, the in-depth knowledge of this delicacy is the prerogative of a niche of enthusiasts, high-level chefs and sector. Recently, I visited one of the four sturgeon farms of the Bettinazzi family, in the lower Mantua area, and their Cru Caviar brand caviar production plant, in the province of Verona. Here the extraction of the eggs is entrusted to a master with twenty years of experience and one of the most appreciated internationally: Renzo Zanin. "

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