Saffron Pistils

Saffron is the most precious and expensive spice in the world.
The flower it comes from is the Crocus Sativus, which ranges from lilac to purple-violet. Iranian saffron is cultivated in the spring and the flowers are generally gathered in the early morning when they’re still closed.
The limited number of stigmas produced by the flowers in this particular phase of harvest has earned it the name “red gold.”
The elegant and unmistakable flavor along with its richness of vitamins and countless properties make it a spice appreciated by chefs and gourmands. Using pure saffron is very easy: it’s enough to leave it to temper in hot water for an hour to then pour it on a dish at the end of cooking.
It can be used in sweet and savory dishes. As a garnish it adds a touch of refinement and color to a dish.

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