Anchoas from the Catabrian Sea

Anchoas from the Catabrian Sea CRU are the best anchovy fillets preserved in olive oil.

Fished using an eco-friendly method in spring, when the temperature is mild and the climate is ideal for natural maturation, CRU anchovies have been hand-processed since the 1960s by 'fileteras', who skilfully select and cut each fillet by hand.

The light salting and the slow maturation process give our anchovies a soft texture, a sweet and intense flavour and the typical pinkish brown colour - all characteristics that have made them one of the most renowned gastronomic specialities of the Spanish coast.

Produced in Santoña.


Net weight 50g Drained weight 29g | 8-10 fillets per pack
Net weight 115g Drained weight 58g | 10 fillets per pack
Net weight 500g Drained weight 360g | 90 fillets per packe

Store in the refrigerator between 5 and 12°C



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