Cru Gift Box

An elegant gift box…
A chic gift box reminiscent of an elegance of another era, our Cru Gift Box is the best way to store your prized caviar.
The optimal conservation temperature of caviar is +2/+4 °C. As a gift or to simply transport it in style, we recommend you use our gift box composed of: rigid Cru packaging, Cru thermal bag, an eutectic plate, and a Cru tote bag.
Caviar has always been associated with luxury and with celebration, appreciated by whoever receives it, making it the perfect gift. If you are looking for a unique and exceptional gift, the Cru Gift Box is ideal for you.
It can hold caviar products of 30g, 50g, or 100g (or a series of products weighing 30g, 50g, or 100g). It keeps the product at an ideal temperature for around 8 hours.





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